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Century 21 Blue Marlin Pelican is the Exclusive Listing Agent on several new developments throughout the Florida Panhandle. Below is a list the areas where you can purchase a brand new home, condominium, or a lot to build your dream home in one of these new subdivisions currently being developed.

In 2022, the average cost to build a house was $644,750.1 Meanwhile, the average cost to buy an existing home was a hair over $503,000.2 Do a little quick math, and you’ll see that buying an existing home instead of a new one could save you about $141,000.

Now, prices have gone up for both existing homes and new builds in the last couple of years and according to Konnect Building Solutions the renovations of homes keep increasing as everyone always try to keep making their home better. But building a house is usually going to cost you more than buying one. And that makes sense, right? Buying something new (whether it’s a purse, a car or anything else) is almost always more expensive than buying something pre-owned. Think about what a pair of jeans from a thrift shop costs versus buying them new from a department store. That’s an extreme example, but still. You get the idea—it’s cheaper to buy used.

And thanks to inflation and supply chain problems, builders are also paying more for building materials and things they need to build houses, like workers and fuel. All that to say, building a house is not cheaper than buying!

Pros of Building a House
To start off, let’s look at why building a house can be a good idea.

Customization: Building a house from the ground up lets you personalize it to suit your lifestyle and tastes—from the layout, cabinets and flooring to the sinks, lighting and doorknobs! Even tract homes built within subdivisions allow for some customization in color choices, flooring and certain finishes.
Low to no competition: The real estate market isn’t as competitive as it was in 2022—when some homes were selling in days after getting multiple offers. But if you own land to build your home on, you obviously have zero competition!
Little maintenance: Since new homes must meet current building codes and have up-to-date technology, you probably won’t have to worry about big repairs or maintenance issues for the first few years—no leaky roofs or failing HVAC systems for you. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding the last owner’s bad duct-tape repairs.
Low energy costs: New homes often feature the latest energy-efficient systems and materials, which usually lead to lower energy bills—woo-hoo!
Newness: You get to start fresh as the first owner of your home and enjoy brand-spanking-new everything. I love that new house smell, don’t you?

Real Estate Developments

Professionally marketed by Century 21 Blue Marlin Pelican Real Estate

Calypso Resort & Towers Aerial View

Calypso Resort & Towers

Location: Panama City Beach

Calypso Tower III is a 22‐story Class “A” condominium development which will have a total of 250 units, as well as common area amenities such as a gym, pool, club room, leasing center, retail space, and 422 covered parking spaces […]

» View Development Details
Home with gold cart out front.

Magnolia Cottages

Location: Seacrest

Century 21 Blue Marlin Pelican is excited to be the exclusive brokerage on all sales at Magnolia Cottages Phase II. There will be a total of 38 lots available in this Phase. The average lot size will be 50 x […]

» View Development Details

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