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Finally a Seller Friendly Market

2013 is shaping up to become a seller friendly in residential real estate, especially if you’re looking to find land for sale in Fort Lauderdale. A recent poll by Fannie Mae indicated a bullish market for housing. Polls concluded that many American’s had a more positive outlook on the job market than in recent times past. This coincides with data that shows an increase of 157,000 jobs in January, 196,000 in December, and 247,000 jobs in November. More jobs created means more interest in home ownership. This rising demand will lead to higher prices in homes that will in turn draw more inventories into the market. Housing prices rose 8.3% year-over-year in December 2012, marking the biggest year-over-year increase since May 06’. Things are looking up for the housing and mortgage market that has seen lending rates rise almost every week since late November.

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